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  • Product Number:RHKH-200-6


The RHKB and RHOB are quiet, ceiling-mounted supply air units that consist of an supply air diffuser, RHKH or RHOH, and an insulated plenum box, ATTC. The air diffuser RHKH comes with the supply air unit RHKB and has a perforated diffuser plate. The air diffuser RHOH comes with the supply air unit RHOB and has an unperforated diffuser plate. The supply air diffusers RHKH and RHOH are also available without the plenum box ATTC. The slot height of the air diffuser is either 20 or 35 mm, with the exception of sizes 125-6, 160-6 and 200-6, for which it is 12 mm. RHKB and RHOB are suitable for both suspended ceiling system and false ceiling built on site.

Easy to install

Easy to adjust

Low sound level

Adjustable air slot

Choice of diffusion directions

Made of steel sheet

6 connection sizes and 2 diffuser sizes (425x425 or 595x595)

All connection sizes are available for suspended ceiling systems (595x595)

False ceiling plate available for size 425x425

Available with CleanVent coating

3d Photo
Volume Pressure Chart